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NEXO: Reinventing Health Insurance for Gyms

We live in an age where physical fitness and well-being are paramount, making the role of gym owners and fitness operators increasingly vital. Every day, gym owners and fitness operators are exposed to various risks, including potential injuries on their premises, legal liabilities, and personal health concerns. As they strive to empower individuals with healthier lifestyles, it's essential to address their own well-being with comprehensive health insurance for gyms coverage tailored specifically for operators and their employees.

NEXO’s FIT National Benefit Plan offers exclusive access to high-quality healthcare plans. Our coverage options cater to the diverse requirements and financial considerations of fitness business owners, ensuring that their team members can receive the necessary care they need when they want it at their convenience and preferred location.

Health Insurance for Gyms Like No Other

Health insurance is a fundamental investment for fitness professionals that directly impacts their well-being and financial security. Here are several key reasons why fitness operators should invest in NEXO health insurance for themselves and their employees:

Coverage for Unforeseen Medical Expenses

Health issues can arise unexpectedly, and medical expenses can be exorbitant. Health insurance ensures that fitness professionals have financial protection when facing unexpected medical bills, preventing financial strain.

Access to Quality Healthcare

Health insurance grants access to an extensive network of healthcare providers, so you can receive quality medical care promptly. Regular check-ups and early intervention are crucial for every fitness professional’s overall health.

Peace of Mind

Knowing you are covered in case of illness or injury provides peace of mind. It reduces stress and allows fitness professionals to focus on their clients and careers without worrying about potential medical costs.

Preventive Care

Health insurance for gyms covers preventive services like vaccinations, screenings, and wellness programs. This helps fitness professionals maintain their health and prevent potential health issues.

Protecting Income

If illness or injury prevents you from working, you want health insurance that covers a portion of your income through accident/disability benefits. NEXO offers this type of financial support to make it easier for you to manage your daily operations during recovery.

Professional Responsibility

Fitness professionals promote health and well-being to their clients. Having health insurance that works for you highlights your personal commitment and professional responsibility to your members’ health and well-being.

Retirement Planning

Health insurance is a critical part of retirement planning. Having consistent coverage as you age ensures you are prepared for any health challenges that may arise while running a fitness business.

Legal and Licensing Requirements

Health insurance for gyms is a legal or licensing requirement for many fitness professionals, especially if they operate their own businesses. Invest in the FIT National Benefit Plan to ensure coverage for the unexpected, and continuous industry and regulatory compliance. 

Investing in health insurance is a vital decision for fitness professionals. It safeguards their health, financial stability, and professional reputation while allowing them to continue making a positive impact on their clients' lives.

FIT National Benefit Plan: The NEXO Difference

The FIT National Benefit Plan by NEXO offers fitness operators and employees access to high-quality healthcare coverage without the hassle and inconvenience associated with conventional or generic plans offered by other insurers. Our team of dedicated fitness professionals is passionate about helping individuals like you find the most affordable and comprehensive coverage you desire with ease.

Finding the right insurance as a gym or fitness business operator doesn't have to be a challenge. Contact our insurance representatives to take advantage of our 15 years of industry experience. We specialize in helping fitness business owners secure coverage that works best for their bottom line and goals. With NEXO, there’s no blood, sweat, or tears when buying health insurance for gyms. We take on the pain while providing policyholders with all the gain!

  • Convenient online access to qualified medical professionals. Enjoy 24/7 web, mobile, phone, and app access anytime.
  • Say goodbye to expensive deductibles and copays. Enjoy low-cost prescriptions you can afford.
  • No individual medical underwriting simplifies and expedites the insurance process, ensuring coverage without the need for detailed health assessments, making it more accessible.
  • No personal health questions streamline fitness insurance for professionals, reducing the complexities of application and ensuring quicker access to coverage.
  • Guaranteed rates provide financial stability and security for fitness professionals. Consistent pricing makes it easier for you to manage costs.
  • Our large, nationwide provider network offers a broad choice of healthcare providers, ensuring convenience, accessibility, and comprehensive coverage.
  • Flexible and diverse plan options cater to individual needs, offering customized choices that adapt to unique requirements and preferences, ensuring comprehensive and personalized coverage.
  • An easy application process for health insurance simplifies the enrollment experience for gym owners, reducing administrative hassles and expediting access to crucial coverage.
  • Exclusive Enrollment Exceptions For 2+ Employees. 

NEXO's FIT National Benefit Plan consists of multiple price tiers so members can enjoy comprehensive coverage no matter their budget. Guaranteed issue benefits provide coverage without the need for medical underwriting or health assessments, ensuring accessibility to insurance regardless of pre-existing conditions. This simplifies the application process, making insurance more accessible to a broader range of individuals.

NEXO’s health insurance for gyms coverage includes Allstate dental, vision, accident, and critical illness insurance.

  • Exclusive savings on eye care, glasses, contacts, and more.
  • Affordable preventive, basic, and major dental treatments.
  • Protection for accidental injuries on and off the job.
  • Pays you a lump sum benefit when diagnosed with a critical illness.

With over 15 years of experience, NEXO makes the buying process easier than ever with quick response times, online efficiency, and top-notch customer service.


Investing in health insurance for gym business owners, operators and employees is a rewarding decision that not only protects their well-being but also enhances their financial security and peace of mind. It reflects a commitment to their own health, setting a positive example for clients. As these dedicated individuals strive to empower others, they should equally prioritize their own health. The message is clear: safeguard your health, protect your income, and ensure access to quality care.

NEXO goes above and beyond in the fitness and health industries to meet the growing demand for specialized health insurance plans for gym owners and fitness operators. Our health insurance for gym products includes comprehensive benefits and coverage options for passionate professionals who’ve made it their mission to safeguard and promote better health in their respective communities.

Contact NEXO today to learn more about our affordable health insurance for gym options to secure your future so you can continue your mission of promoting well-being for all.